The Super Bowl environment is unique and your ad measurement should be, too

Between the 100+ million viewers, the high expectations for TV advertising and the above-average ad spend (really—we’re talking $5.2 million avg spend for a: 30 spot), the Super Bowl is a unique advertising space that requires a nuanced approach to measurement. For over 10 years, Phoenix Brand Effect has been helping clients quantify the return on their investment for the Big Game at the program, brand and ad-level, based on unique measures specifically designed for the event.

Understand the Impact of Your Advertising with the 2020 Super Bowl LIV 360 Report

Phoenix’s best-in-class ad effectiveness and Nielsen’s social response measurement* has helped many brands across verticals obtain key findings and realize the impact of their Super Bowl ads relative to competitors within only 5 days of the big game. 

Unlike other reports, this deep-dive analysis delivers a holistic understanding of ad effectiveness that explains not just the “what”, but the “why.”



During Super Bowl LIII, consumers spent around 50 minutes watching commercials & saw 45 brands across 57 Ads. Will your ads be impactful?


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*Phoenix MI has licensed Nielsen social data for the purpose of this report