Introducing AdPi Quickview

Meaningful, real time ad diagnostics at your fingertips delivered through Phoenix’s Intel Now marketing intelligence dashboard. Your AdPi Quickview dashboard is made up of various modules that will enable you to effectively analyze your advertising.




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Why Adpi Quickview?

Born out of 15 years of predictive creative DNA testing to unlock high-performance ads

  • Single composite score for an ad’s potential to shift attitudes and drive consumer action
  • Full set of ad performance drivers and diagnostics

Fully syndicated measurement of ads as they break, with the ability to pre-test your ads prior to launch

  • Full set of norms and competitive ad benchmarking
  • Results available within 24hrs of an ad breaking

Actionable performance measurement for TV and Digital video ad formats

  • Delivered through a modular, interactive dashboard that you can configure for your specific analytic needs
  • Import and digest data directly into your own reporting tool

For more information, contact Jim Berridge, SVP Business Development.