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Focusing Only On Customer Recovery Could Lead to the Wrong Priorities in CX – Make the 90% Count

Strategic Relationship

Finding it increasingly difficult to ‘move the needle’, a client needed an innovative way to examine the entire relationship with their customers that brought all interactions together.

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CX Efforts Cost Billions Each Year – Where is the Bang for the Buck in Your Business?

CX Multivariate Model

Understand what the most important interactions are in the customer experience so you can emphasize these and improve your business.

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How Do Prospects and Customers Interact with Your Business and Which Touchpoints Are Critical?

Customer Journey

The client was unsure of how to best approach this challenge and provided Phoenix an opportunity to propose a solution.

Our Tactical Segmentation Served a Specific, Short-Term Need


The segmentation informed the development of customized messaging strategies for each segment and ensured all communications clearly addressed the most important card features and benefits.

Market Potential, Positioning Strategy, Copy Testing

Selecting the Concept with the Greatest In-Market Potential

Concept and Copy Testing

In today's world, it is imperative to use up-to-date real-life norms and comparisons to yield deep understanding and real-life outcomes.

Sports Sponsorship

Analyzing Sponsorship Impact with a Multi-Faceted Approach

Sponsorship Study

Helping a national insurance provider understand the impact of two major sports sponsorships

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Improving Market Share

Market Share / Brand Strategy

Establishing a new brand strategy

Features and Price Research Informs Prepaid Card Design

Concept testing / Product Development

Understanding feature value informed successful card launch

Finding a Differentiated Bank Position Across Multiple Emerging Markets

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Telephone interviews with decision-makers in emerging market yields differentiated bank positioning

Virtual Mailbox Direct Mail Campaign Evaluation for Communications Effectiveness

Virtual Mailbox: How Recipients Process Mail

Direct Mail Testing with Virtual Mailbox

Understanding how recipients process mail increases sales effectiveness with our Virtual Mailbox methodology.

Optimizing Cross-Selling Opportunities

Target Marketing

Research informs cross-selling strategies for short-term and longer-term sales

Our retention rates and lengths of engagement reflect our unwavering focus on surprising and delighting each and every customer, each and every time.