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Brand Loyalty, Brand Lift, Brand Consideration, Purchase Intention, Brand Preference

Increasing Brand Loyalty During A Pandemic

Campaign Level Recall & Brand Solution with Communicus

We used our campaign-level recall and brand lift solution to help a leading Tech company increase brand loyalty during the 2020 back-to-school season.

Delivering the desired customer experience and brand impact

Rethinking the Digital User Experience Across Form Factors and Devices

Brand Strategy & Customer Experience Optimization

We assisted a client in rolling out a new overall business strategy that delighted prospects and delivered on the brand promise.

Test product, packaging and positioning concepts using quick hit approach, buy flow, to rapidly inform business decisions.

Introducing & Testing New Product Lines Using Consumer Buy Flow Process

Consumer Buy Flow

Test product, packaging, and positioning concepts in a real-world environment to inform business decisions

Understand What Customer Types Are Leaving You, Why They Defect, Where They Go, and How To Stop It.

Customer Census

Phoenix saw lost customer research as an opportunity to learn from those who had already left and to get in front of issues on those at risk.

Driving In-Market Consumer Response under Challenging Market Conditions

AdPi Brand Effect Solution

Using category-specific models & intended targets to cut through a crowded advertising space and drive in-market consumer response.

National Radio Broadcast Company: Proving the Value of its Stations and DJ Personalities

Brand Transference

National radio broadcast company: Proving the value of its stations and DJ personalities

Survey Instrument, Conjoint Analysis, Solar Panel Market, Solar Panel Marketing

Research on Complex Solar Panel Market Offerings Requires Creativity

Advanced Analytics

Complex product needs research creativity to educate respondents

Creative Analytics Illustrate the Mobile Journey for New Product Development Insight

Creative Analytics Illustrate the Mobile Journey for New Product Development Insight

Customer Experience

Understanding the Mobile Journey through creative analytics

Product Innovation, Brand Space, Marketing Messages, Key Driver Analysis

Key Marketing Insights for Entering the Professional Market

Concept / Product Development

Taking a consumer tech product into the professional market

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