Phoenix’s proprietary approach, Emotivation®, validates & sizes the emotional need states that exist for categories and brands and explores customer perceptions within the context of those need states.

Phoenix has identified and studied 12 basic core human emotional subconscious needs (or “Need States”), and the desire to satisfy these are the motivations driving much of our behavior.

We know that when your brand makes that deep emotional connection, consumers are considerably more likely to purchase your products and services, follow your recommendations and become loyal to you.


AdPi® is our gold standard for pre-market testing and a holistic solution that informs each stage of creative development all the way through to launch.

  • “Reversed-engineered” framework with category-specific and consistent metrics that apply at any stage of the creative development process (from storyboards and rough-cuts to animatics and finished film) across all media types
  • Measures an ad’s creative effectiveness by how it connects with consumers and motivates action
  • Robust category models and norms enable early diagnosis of any potential in-market creative performance issues and the ad’s ability to drive in-market consumer response
  • Delivers a composite AdPi® score for easy in-market competitive comparison and a deep-dive into creative pathways & attributes to explain the difference in creative potential between your ads & competitor


Phoenix Brand Effect measures how well consumers recall ads (content, brand, and message) the next day after viewing in market, and provides best-in-class insights for breakthrough, creative efficiency, and impact in relation to key competitors.

  • Measure how your ads perform against historical and competitive ads, as well as category norms
  • Assess your TV ad’s ability to resonate and communicate valuable information to viewers
  • Track and optimize media weight, program placement, creative selection and more during your campaign
  • Measure ad and program effectiveness across TV and digital to help guide your media plan development


Communicus provides a campaign-view advertising effectiveness capability that isolates brand lift over time, including contributions of each ad/campaign element, providing advertisers with insights to strengthen campaign effectiveness and build brands.

  • Provides in-market advertising campaign research solutions using a proven, proprietary longitudinal research method that illuminates how cross-platform advertising campaigns engage and persuade in the real world.
  • Helps clients understand which of their campaign elements are resonating and driving impact on their brands.
  • The longitudinal design enables clients to determine how their campaign messages work together to produce changes in brand KPIs