Consumer Path to Purchase

“How can we better understand consumers’ paths to purchase and customer experience?”

Phoenix MI has developed an approach that uses consumer input to map out consumer paths to purchase for specific business lines and product types.

Our research approach enables clients to:

  • Understand the awareness and consideration journey in support of marketing and brand strategy from a 360-degree perspective.
  • Identify new customer experiences and expectations when dealing with multiple channels.
  • Assess current and future product and service experiences as well as expectations for the ideal experience framework, including consumer views of omni- vs. multi-channel delivery
  • Benchmark themselves against the competitive set to uncover differentiation points and how competitors address channel/product purchase paths

The path to purchase has four distinct stages, but with consumers’ full adoption of digital channels they are not perfectly linear in nature, and consumers can move through and back-and-forth between stages.


For more information on how the experts at Phoenix can help you understand your consumers’ paths to purchase and customer experience for your line of business, contact us!