Phoenix Dimensions: Tapping into System 1 & 2 Thinking

Emotive Measurement to Complement Rational

Effective ads enable brands to connect with consumer goals across the spectrum of mental processes. Measuring both System 1 and System 2 is key to understanding a campaign’s strengths and opportunities. Enter Dimensions, Phoenix’s toolkit for testing emotional subconscious attitudes and beliefs.

These tools can be easily activated within our AdPi copy testing solution and in conjunction with our BE platform, which includes thousands of respondents with known ad exposure.  Additionally, this approach ties directly into Phoenix’s proprietary method, Emotivation®, to uncover the emotional drivers behind consumer behavior and brand performance.

It also enables advertisers to know if a campaign is driving the intended impact envisioned in the brand/message strategy and the creative brief.

For more information on how these powerful tools can be put to use for your business needs, reach out to your Phoenix Account Advisor or contact us.