Community/Regional Bank Brand Awareness and Perception Custom Study


Phoenix Synergistics clients include the 50 largest banks, credit unions, payment issuers, acquirers, processors, merchants, card organizations, retailers, insurance companies, brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, and other organizations in the financial services industry. More than 500 financial services projects on both consumer and corporate topics have been conducted over the last 35 years.

Meeting the Challenge

Evaluating brand and advertising awareness and perception has been expensive and out of reach for most community banks.

General Description of the Project

  • 8-minute survey designed by Phoenix Synergistics and approved by your community bank.
    • Online interviews with consumers who are financial decision makers ages 18+.
  • The number of interviews will be based on your community bank’s needs and should be sufficient to allow for segmentation of key demographic groups—including age, income, and counties/boroughs.
  • Our data-collection partner will administer the survey to its online panelists who live/work within targeted geo-coded locations in close proximity to your community bank branch locations.
  • The number of online interviews per geographic area would be either a set quota established by your community bank or a devised quota that is proportionate to the number of branch locations in each borough/county.
  • The “Awareness and Perception Tracking Study” will be masked to respondents, with only  Phoenix Synergistics being identified as the study sponsor.

General Timeline

  • Once the questionnaire is finalized (usually takes 1-3 weeks), interviewing will begin.
  • Online interviewing usually takes approximately one month and can depend on the number of interviews and time of year.
  • Final report—Your community bank will receive a report approximately one month after interviewing ends.

Project Deliverables

  • Phoenix Synergistics will provide your community bank with a PowerPoint report, which will include an executive summary and detailed survey analysis.
  • Banners (i.e., data tables) will also be provided.
  • A data file (SPSS or Excel) would be available if requested.

Project Fee

  • The project fee is based on the number of interviews agreed upon, the geographic quotas needed, and any other variables specific to your project. A typical study with 900 respondents would be in the $30K range.
  • Fees are all-inclusive and cover questionnaire review, online interviews of 8 minutes, questionnaire programming, results tabulation, vendor coordination, data analysis, report preparation, and project report.

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