Phoenix Synergistics 21st Annual Home Equity Lending Monitor

September 2021 | Activation, Retention, and Remarketing | Marketing Channel Mix| Product Features and Pricing

The annual Home Equity Lending Monitor has tracked and assessed developments in the home equity credit market for two decades. This 21st edition features a national, online survey of 2,500 homeowners, including 1,125 holders of home equity lines or loans, 375 home equity credit prospects, and 1,000 rejecters.

Measuring the size of the overall market (as defined by current holders and prospects) is a primary objective of the study each year. Recent waves of the monitor have pointed to stability in the home equity credit market and promising potential for growth. Of important interest going forward will be the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this potential. Ex-holders of equity credit have always been an important segment for reactivation strategies and tactics, and exploring this market segment is a priority. Rejecters, given their market size, are an important segment for conversion strategies, as well.

Activities and behaviors assessed over the various waves of this study include activation and utilization of HELOCs, the purposes for which loans and lines are obtained and used, important criteria in choosing providers and products, experience with and reaction to fees and other pricing, and channel usage and preferences for marketing, acquisition, and customer service.


Research Objective

Phoenix Synergistics launched the Home Equity Lending Monitor in 2001 to track and measure important issues in the home equity lending market. This annual Monitor will benefit the entire home equity team, including market research, product management, database marketing, communications and advertising, and risk management

Research Design

National survey – The survey will include 2,500 total online interviews with homeowners, including 1,125 equity loan/line holders, 375 equity loan/line prospects, and 1,000 rejecters.

Questionnaire Review

Clients will have the opportunity to review the questionnaire and provide comments. The cut-off date for client input is June 25, 2021.

Project Report

The final report, available in late September 2021, includes a Strategic Insights commentary and executive summary, a Competitive Intelligence section, and full survey results section.

Competitive Intelligence

A profile of overall financial activity for a number of the top financial institutions identified as the respondent’s main provider will be included as part of the project report.

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