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Wealth Management Platform Alternatives


Starting in 2017, the Wealth & Affluent Monitor questionnaire includes a Topical Module in each quarter. These modules are intended to explore issues and trends in wealth management that are both current and impactful for clients.

In the March 2018 Topical Module, we retested the level of investor appeal towards three wealth management platforms. We originally ran this analysis in March 2017.

  1. Traditional Wealth Management Financial and investment advice, investment execution and other services typically delivered by a financial professional or obtained through a traditional online brokerage;
  2. Robo-Advisor – Fully automated online investment services, no financial advisor involved; you complete a simple profile and risk tolerance questionnaire online and receive a recommended portfolio;
  3. Hybrid – Advisor-Assisted digital wealth managers: this approach combines an automated online investment service with access to human advisors via phone or video conference.

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