Integrated Ad & Brand Healthcare Tracking to Optimize Your Advertising Effectiveness

Phoenix Ad & Brand Healthcare Trackers gauge advertising effectiveness and optimize brand tracking health by linking brand health to media spending, creative evaluation, and in-market performance. The Phoenix Pharma Audit platform delivers category-wide intelligence that is the backbone of future brand strategy and campaign development.



Syndicated and ongoing, Pharma Audit is the most comprehensive brand and advertising effectiveness solution on the market. Efficiency translates to a cost-effective, yet deep understanding of:

  • Drivers of performance and perceptions among target patient groups
    Capturing key metrics (awareness, brand consideration, actions taken, brand preference and HCP brand discussions/requests). The analysis supports the understanding of what drives metrics and consideration differences by patient target and other relevant subgroups.
  • Ad performance in the context of traditional, social media and other digital channels, and compared to competitive ads + relevant category norms.
    Using metrics proven to motivate consumer response, each ad is “scored” overall. Robust creative diagnostics, comparisons to competitive ads, and a category-specific norm deliver all the context needed to understand performance.
  • Learning that can be applied to future campaigns
    Phoenix brings a breadth of advertising knowledge to promote decision-making. We help you to identify engaging aspects of ads and provide prescriptive recommendations on how to maximize future creative development.

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