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2021 NCAA March Madness Report: Understand the Impact of Your College Basketball Advertising

Phoenix MI’s 2021 NCAA March Madness Report provides a deep-dive look into March Madness performance at the program, brand, and ad-level to help you quantify the return on your investment in the Big Dance.

Measuring Sponsorship & Advertising Impact

Phoenix Marketing International is uniquely positioned to help clients understand the impact of TV sponsorship and advertising investment in March Madness. Through our syndicated in-market Brand Effect tracking service we measure TV ads, hybrids, and in-program placements (IPP) airing in March Madness Games from the First Round through to the National Championship Final.

Our NCAA March Madness TV Report will answer the following key questions for clients:

Sponsorship Performance

  • Is sponsorship in March Madness worth the investment?
  • What creative and placement strategies lead to successful sponsorship performance?
  • Did sponsorship help lift overall March Madness advertising campaign performance?

Advertising Performance

  • How did standard TV advertising perform in March Madness and what creative strategies led to advertising campaign success?
  • How did advertising performance compare for March Madness vs. NCAA Regular Basketball Season?

Tracking All Games from the First Round Onwards On All Major Networks!

For more information on the 2021 March Madness Campaign Report, connect with us!

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