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A Tale of Two Spirits: Gearing Up for 2020 Holiday Ads

November 4, 2020

With the quickening onset of the Holiday season and a (seemingly) never-ending presidential election, many consumers find themselves pining for happier times and reaching for something to take the edge off.

This year’s modified Holiday season will undoubtedly impact the alcoholic beverages and spirits category, with most of their sales of the year taking place during the months of November and December.

To get in the spirit of this year’s Holiday alcohol beverage advertising, we’re looking back at two well-known spirits brands’ advertising from 2019 and how their similar-styled ads led to a differing performance using Phoenix Brand Effect.


Grey Goose’s 2019 holiday campaign broke through well on the back of simple, linear situations with relatable themes. Each ad centered around a group of friends enjoying each other’s company in a festive bar setting, which was a timely and engaging approach. Their ad “Under the Tree”, in particular, performed the highest in terms of Ad Memorability and breakthrough. The campaign also made Grey Goose a key part of the narratives and benefitted from creative continuity with past ads.



Jack Daniel’s “Whiskiest Whiskey” spot also featured holiday imagery but was less memorable and engaging. While the spot incorporated scenes of people celebrating together during the holidays, the choice of a montage style over a simple, linear narrative likely made the ad harder to follow and overall less memorable.

Bottoms Up

While alcoholic drinks and spirits have always been a staple of the Holiday season (how else are we expected to deal with nagging in-laws and heated political dinner debates?), this year, how we celebrate is going to look a little different. Once crowded bars and restaurants reduced to half-capacity, office holiday parties held virtually, and celebrations with friends and loved ones held on much smaller scales.

We know consumers’ expectations have changed for the upcoming Holiday season, and brands have to be prepared to change their messaging and advertising to meet these new needs.

Let the advertising and brand experts at Phoenix help you analyze, track, and measure your upcoming Holiday campaign so you can focus on keeping the good times rolling.

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