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Ad Performance of Job Sites Amid the ‘Great Resignation’

December 6, 2021

We are in the midst of what many are calling the Great Resignation; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4 million Americans reportedly quit their jobs in September 2021, bringing the “quit rate” to a record high of 3%. While the reason for this mass exodus from the workforce remains unclear, we know online job sites are likely attuned to the recent changes in employee behavior and are working hard to urge job searchers to use their platform to find their next gig.

Using our in-market measurement solution Phoenix Brand Effect, we looked at the recent advertisements for some job search sites to see which resonate the most with job seekers looking to make a switch.

Indeed takes the top position with “Job Searching with Scherzer,” a humorous take on applying baseball statistics to successfully searching and applying for jobs. Not only does this ad do well at capturing viewers’ attention, but their decision to air this ad on sports networks and the use of MLB pitcher Max Scherzer makes this a contextual ad spot, which are known to boost breakthrough.

LinkedIn’s “Let’s Step Forward: Janice Building Community” focuses on the various tools LinkedIn has available through their platform, such as live streams, messaging, and more, to build a community and find new positions. While this ad did not blow people away, it did perform average for Ad Memorability and Brand Linkage, landing it in the middle of the road.

Fiverr had a bit of trouble resonating with consumers with their Super Bowl ad, “Opportunity Knocks.” Although meant as a playful spoof of Rudy Giuliani’s famous press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping (which is widely thought to have been mistakenly booked as the conference site instead of the Four Seasons Hotel), Fiverr’s ad could not hold up against the strong branding and messaging of its competitors. While the intent to tie the ad to the pop-culture moment was clever, it lacked sufficient brand cues or memorable elements to help it stand out in today’s landscape.

Interested to see how these campaigns performed on a brand level or for insights into the “whys” behind the performance of these ads?  Drop us a line!



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