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Ad Performance of Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Alcohol Brands

March 22, 2022

Break out the bagpipes and the green beer! St. Patrick’s Day is a widely renowned holiday in the U.S., with over half of the country donning something green and getting together with friends & family to share food, drinks, and stories. However, after muted festivities over the past two years due to the global pandemic, many Americans were all too eager to gather together and celebrate all things Irish.

With the green holiday only recently past, we took a look at how some of our favorite Irish alcoholic beverage brands’ advertising is performing in-market, using our industry-leading ad effectiveness solution Phoenix Brand Effect.

In the Spirits category, all three of our Irish brands performed above the norm for Brand Memorability, but Jameson Irish Whiskey took the crown of the group. Their ad “Lost Barrel” benefitted from an original and engaging storyline that helped viewers remember the ad, while their consistent use of brand cues throughout the spot helped them score big for Brand Linkage.

Bailey’s Irish Cream’s “Sparklers” struggled a bit to break through to consumers, but their smart use of the product in the ad’s storyline drove home the branding for the ad. On the other hand, Proper No Twelve’s ad “First Responders” managed to break through to consumers at the norm, likely aided by the brand’s founder, Professional MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor, being present in the ad. However, viewers had a harder time connecting the brand to the ad, possibly due to the lack of brand cues.

With regards to Beer, Guinness performed well above the norm for all three metrics. Their St. Patrick’s Day ad “All Together Now” depicting people getting together and celebrating did a great job of breaking through to consumers, and the use of their brand name and signature dark beer throughout the spot kept their Brand Linkage strong.

Interested to see how these Irish alcohol brands stack up against the rest of the competition within their respective categories? Drop us a line!



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