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Advertising Performance as Hotel Brands Begin to Return to Linear TV

April 28, 2022

The hotel & travel industry has had a challenging couple of years. After a sharp reduction in travel during the early days of the pandemic, hotel brands have been slow to return to linear TV advertising. As a result, in 2021, domestic hotel advertising activity was just shy of 15% of what it was in 2019*. However, with business travel and vacations resuming, hotel occupancy is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by 2022.

As hotel brands begin to regain some of the momentum lost during the pandemic, we used Phoenix Brand Effect to look at the recent advertising performance of two major hospitality companies, Hilton and Marriott, to see if their ads resonate with consumers.

Hilton’s campaign encompasses both the Hilton family of brands and Hampton Inn. In general, the family scenarios portrayed in both ads resonated with viewers in-market. While the Hilton ad “New Memories – Night Out” performed well for Brand Linkage, viewers who watched the Hampton Inn’s “Family Check In” struggled to associate the brand with the ad.

Despite its striking and humanistic visuals, the Marriott Bonvoy ad “Where Can We Take You,” with its montage of imagery, was not enough to capture viewer attention and stand out among all TV ads on the air, displayed by low Ad Memorability results. Those who did recall the ad connected it to the brand at a below-average Brand Linkage rate.

* Captured weight within Phoenix Brand Effect covered networks/dayparts

Interested in the why’s behind these ad campaign performances or what we expect to see in the hotel (and travel industry) as it returns to normal business?  Drop us a line!



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