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At-Home Fitness & TV Advertising: An Important Channel for Brand Building & Reach in this Growing Category

August 24, 2020

With many gyms and health clubs continuing to remain closed due to COVID-19, consumers have turned to the growing number of alternative home fitness solutions to stay fit, healthy, and (let’s be honest) sane.

With increasing competition and the new window of opportunity that the pandemic presented for people to work out at home, many home fitness brands have turned to traditional TV advertising to build brand awareness and reach a broad audience of potential home fitness users.

Using the in-market measurement capabilities of Phoenix Brand Effect, we have highlighted three emerging brands that have gone beyond targeted digital advertising to pursue the growing number of at-home fitness enthusiasts through TV.



NordicTrack’s attention-grabbing spots are high energy, upbeat, and inspirational with rich visuals that promote the immersive fitness experience that home fitness trainers can deliver. Their recent “Incline” spot stands out in the category by exceeding the fitness category norm for Breakthrough. Their Brand Linkage is also strong, likely helped by the halo effect from NordicTrack being a well-established brand for many years before the current boost in demand for better at-home fitness solutions.


Mirror has been building up its TV advertising presence since early 2019. While their ads are uplifting, they are experiencing some softness with Brand Communication. As the home fitness category starts to get crowded with products offering a similar immersive fitness experience, stronger branding becomes more important to drive differentiation and capture consumers’ attention.


Tonal started TV advertising at the end of 2019, and while their ads are engaging with a clear story about the Tonal product, the ads also struggle with branding. Given the on-the-wall orientation of the product similar to Mirror, along with the relatively recent move into TV advertising, Tonal will need to invest consistently over the long term to improve Brand Communication.

The Skinny

When it comes to Breakthrough or Ad Memorability (number of in-home viewers able to remember the ad’s content the next day), NordicTrack is the clear advertising performance leader.

Compared to NordicTrack, Mirror and Tonal are relatively recent entries to the home fitness category. Their ads are visually similar and less memorable than the NordicTrack spots.

As the home fitness category continues to expand with new entrants all three brands have to work hard at differentiation in the market. From a Brand Communication perspective, NordicTrack, Mirror, and Tonal are all currently performing below our fitness category norm.

There is still room for new brand leaders to emerge and we are excited to track how the rapidly changing fitness category continues to evolve!



For additional advertising effectiveness insights within this quickly evolving category, or to learn how we can help you optimize your messaging and creative, let’s talk!

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