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Boozy Summer, but with a Twist: Latest Advertising Performance of Hard Seltzer Brands

July 26, 2021

As summer continues to rush past us in a blur of sunshine and happy hours, hard seltzer brands have stepped up their collective games to entice consumers who might need a break from beer and wine. Established hard seltzer brands like White Claw and Truly now find themselves competing with well-known beer manufacturers entering the hard seltzer market, including Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and Corona. Even Mike’s Hard, known for years for their hard lemonade, has joined the fray with their new Hard Lemonade Seltzer.

We’re cracking open a cold one as we break down the latest ad performance of some of the top hard seltzer brands in the industry, using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect.

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade sits at the head of the pack with their “Family Jewelry” ad, highlighting a funny storyline that integrated the brand into the creative premises. This ad also featured prominent brand cues, which gave the brand a big boost in Brand Linkage and ultimately drove up their overall scoring.

White Claw’s “Camping” is also a top performer with its classic black and white style ads, which are both consistent with the brand’s advertising in the past and unique to the category. The ads’ simple executions of relatable themes helped them achieve Ad Memorability in line with Bud Light, though they weren’t as strong on Brand Linkage.

Corona (also a top performer in the beer category) made a strong impression with their “Limonada Seltzer” ad. While their previous ad campaign featured various celebrities to help grab the viewers’ attention, this ad used a simple execution and branding throughout to get their message across.

A new entrant to the seltzer category but no stranger to alcoholic beverages in general, Mike’s Hard managed to beat out other established players in the seltzer category with their ad “Mike Brought Them,” featuring former professional boxer Mike Tyson. By using a well-known celebrity (who also happens to share a name with the brand), Mike’s could easily integrate the brand into the premise of the ad and give a powerful boost to their overall branding.

Interested to see how these campaigns performed on a brand level or looking for additional insights into the why’s behind the performance of these ads? Contact us!



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