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Checking Back in with At-Home Fitness Brands: Ad Performance As Life Returns to Normal

June 14, 2021

As large-scale vaccine rollouts continue and cities ease their restrictions on mask-wearing and social distancing requirements, more gyms and fitness centers are opening back up and even reversing their mask mandates. However, many consumers have gotten used to the convenience and (often) lower costs of working out from home, and many do not plan on returning to gyms anytime soon.

As a result, at-home fitness brands still need to keep a foot on the gas with their advertising to keep consumers engaged. Earlier in the pandemic, we took a look at some at-home fitness brands (NordicTrack, Mirror, and Tonal) to see how their ads were performing in-market and in terms of creative effectiveness.

Now, more than half a year later, we’re checking back in with these brands to see if their advertising is still holding strong in this increasingly engaged market, using our industry-leading in-market measurement solution Phoenix Brand Effect.

Although NordicTrack previously held the top spot in terms of Ad Memorability, Mirror has now taken the lead with knockout scores in not only breakthrough but also in Brand Linkage and Brand Memorability. Their ad “You Are Not Alone” has shown to be more memorable and connect back to the brand at a higher level than their competitors.

While NordicTrack’s “More Than a Class” still breaks through at a higher level than Tonal’s “Smartest Home Gym”, it still falls below the norm and cannot make that connection with consumers.

If you would like information on how these campaigns performed on an overall brand level, or for additional insights into the why’s behind the performance of these ads, contact us!



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