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Checking Back In with Online Gambling & Sports Betting

June 29, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, we took a look at two online gambling and sports betting brands, who were met with a unique opportunity to capture the growing market of consumers looking for something new to do while at home.

Now, with the world opening up rapidly and people returning to casinos, the future for this market is somewhat in question. The two majors players in the game, FanDuel and DraftKings, who initially went beyond targeted digital advertising to pursue consumers through TV advertising, are now faced with a new challenge to use their advertising to break through to consumers as life returns to normal.

We broke down the recent advertising of these brands below, using our in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect.


Ad-Level Insights

FanDuel holds the top spot in Brand Memorability with “Moreways to Win,” which cleverly integrates their tagline in the announcer’s voiceover within the ad’s context, reminding viewers that there are indeed more ways for users to win with their app. Their recurrent branding throughout the ad also gave them a high score for Brand Linkage, but not quite enough to beat out competitor DraftKings.

While DraftKings“Super Bowl Prediction Challenge” ad falls short for Ad Memorability, it manages to make a bit of a comeback with branding. Their ad continues to feature strong brand integration and consistency with others they have run in the past, allowing for brand recognition from viewers.

Brand-Level Insights

FanDuel continues to hold their lead over DraftKings in overall breakthrough, mainly due to their strong Ad Memorability score of 44%, compared to just 32% for DraftKings (which falls below the 35% norm for the category). However, DraftKings does manage to gain some ground when it comes to their branding, effectively beating out FanDuel for that metric with a score of 53% (versus FanDuel’s 46%). This shift could be due in part to the fact that DraftKings has put more support behind fewer ads, allowing them to wear in with consumers.

For additional advertising effectiveness insights within this emerging category, or to learn how we can help you optimize your messaging and creative, let’s talk!


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