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Consumer Sentiment – Emotional Need States Pulse Report

The experts at Phoenix MI have recently conducted several studies across industries (auto, retail, tech, health, financial) to understand how emotional needs have evolved during the pandemic. These recent studies, including this report, have revealed that certain Need State areas have been particularly “activated” by the unique circumstances of COVID, and the overall landscape of decision-making has consequently shifted.

A growing number of consumers seek a sense of “Belonging” — a strong desire to reconnect and move forward together. “Comfort” is also a strong emotion that consumers are seeking, as months of uncertainty and lock-down have triggered their need for control and security. A third mentality is the new feeling of freedom and the desire to reward oneself for the challenges suffered, a group we have dubbed “Covid Revenge.” All three of these heightened emotional states must be understood and addressed by companies in order to adequately satisfy today’s consumers.

Phoenix’s Emotivation methodology reveals and explains System 1 (fast, unconscious) thinking by exploring the emotional motivators of brand choices.

To obtain a copy of the full report, including specific profile insights and changes in consumer behavior for each of these segments, contact us!

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