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Data on Affluent Millennial Investors Reveals Bank Advisors Missing Opportunities

May 17, 2016

“Active Wealth Millennials® – Vanguard of the Next Gen Investor” uncovers the attitudes, behaviors and investment trends of affluent millennial households

Phoenix Marketing International (, a premier global marketing services firm, today released new data on millennials from the research firm’s Global Wealth Monitor. The data focuses on the attitudes, behaviors and needs for wealth management – providing details on how wealth managers in the banking sector can better service this emerging group of next generation investors.

While bank advisors score highly on ‘level of satisfaction’ and ‘willingness to recommend’ from Active Wealth Millennials®, compared with full service brokers, bank-based advisors are not engaging their Active Wealth Millennial® clients with services such as financial and investment planning, stock, bond and mutual fund selection or risk management review. These are the deep and frequently performed services that have the greatest impact on client retention, and something that bank advisors should be focusing on to attract and retain Active Wealth Millennials®.

“Through our industry-leading Global Wealth Monitor affluent investor tracking program, we have been following the emergence of millennial households and more specifically a subset of affluent millennials we call ‘Active Wealth Millennials®’, said David. “These young and dynamic investors have accumulated an impressive level of wealth at a very early age and are the vanguard of the next generation of affluent investors. As a bellwether investor segment, the wealth management industry, specifically in the banking sector, would be advised to get a better understanding of these active investors — especially around how they are investing and what is most important to them as they look to make thoughtful investment decisions.”

Here is a closer look at Active Wealth Millennials®:

  • They total about 990,000 U.S. households and are highly educated with 60% having a four year degree or higher
  • Many have gained wealth early on and have an average age of 31
  • These investors have money in motion with nearly $600k in investable assets
  • They are very active with finances and seek out new investment opportunities that are considered more risky than conservative
  • Active Wealth Millennials® tend to be more globally minded than their older counterparts, with more diverse and globally allocated portfolios
  • These individuals are highly diverse: 54% Caucasian; 20% Asian American; 9% African American, 7% Hispanic American

Click here for an infographic detailing the Active Wealth Millennial®.

David Thompson recently spoke about Active Wealth Millennials® at the American Bankers Association Trust and Wealth Seminar. For a copy of the presentation, please contact

The PMI Global Wealth Monitor (GWM) provides ongoing intelligence on the attitudes, behaviors and needs of affluent and High Net Worth consumers to leading organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. To see 2016 summary of offerings please visit:

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