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Digital Advertising: Why Comparing Media Environments Matters

October 31, 2019

With the holiday season fast approaching, we can expect the advertising landscape to become increasingly cluttered, and (as previously mentioned), advertisers are expected to face challenges in capturing consumer attention.

We have also seen the continued proliferation of OTT streaming video content services over the last year, with more and more audiences effortlessly streaming shows across a mixture of TV, Online, and Mobile screens.

The Shifting Media Landscape

In response to these shifting viewing behaviors, advertisers continue to experiment by moving media dollars away from linear TV and more towards streaming OTT and Digital media channels at an increasing rate.

However, this changing media landscape creates new challenges for advertisers as they seek to understand how effective their advertising is at breaking through and capturing consumer attention across these different media channels.

Measuring advertising performance in-market across channels with comparable metrics is critical for understanding how to optimize creative and media investment and drive overall campaign success.

Why Cross Channel In-Market Advertising Measurement Matters – An Example

The chart below illustrates campaign performance for a consumer electronics advertising campaign with multiple creatives running in linear TV and Online Video channels.

While we know creative quality is an important factor in campaign performance, the consistently stronger in-market performance in the online video channel indicates that the online media environment was a key factor contributing to campaign success.

Online video ad placement in digital media properties that resonate well with the campaign target audience is a contributor to Brand Memorability. Another contributor is well-branded banner ad creatives that reinforce the impact of video creatives.

What You Need to Know

From our work measuring years of TV and Digital video ads in-market for clients, we have found that creative execution, marketing objectives, and placement can all impact performance within and across platforms.

When effectively executed, leveraging similar campaigns across TV and online can generate cross-platform synergy to boost performance.

As the volume of ads in-market grows and consumer attention continues to be more fragmented, building creative synergy across platforms will be increasingly important for advertising campaigns to be successful.

Is your Digital, TV & OTT advertising delivering the results you expect?


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