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Digital Financial Services: Top Emerging Advertisers

May 11, 2021

While the trend towards online banking and investing began before the COVID-19 pandemic, new digital-only financial services brands emerged and began advertising on TV. And, while contactless payments have been on the rise and accelerated during the pandemic, several of these new advertisements focus on both physical debit cards and mobile payments for children and young adults. Other recent ads highlight flexible lending and retirement planning capabilities.

Using our industry-leading in-market measurement solution Phoenix Brand Effect, we have identified the top-performing emerging advertisers in the digital financial services category, based on Ad Memorability (the percentage of an ad’s natural in-home viewers who can remember its content the next day).














Understanding performance among individual ads, and the contextual drivers of performance, can help your brand optimize its copy rotation.
For additional insights into the why’s behind the performance of these ads, contact us!


Phoenix Brand Effect is the gold standard for in-market performance and can provide real-world, real-time, in-flight ad measurement to help you establish a baseline for future campaigns. Looking to bridge the gap between pre-market creative development and in-market tracking? Our newly-developed AdPi-Brand Effect Platform offers clients a seamless solution to maximize ad performance using creative diagnostics (AdPi®) to generate forward-looking estimates to understand your creative’s full in-market performance potential (Brand Effect).

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