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Direct to Consumer Mattress Advertising: Don’t Sleep on Effective Ad Measurement!

September 22, 2020

In an age where shopping online is becoming more preferable to in-store purchases, coupled with the restrictions amid COVID-19, more consumers than ever are opting for the ease and convenience of buying their mattresses online. Using the in-market measurement capabilities of Phoenix Brand Effect, we’ve highlighted the ad performance of 3 mattress brand ads.

In 2020, Purple’s ads have achieved above-average Ad Memorability, driven by a focused media rotation, ample support behind ads, and creatives with consistent elements while being unique from others in the category.  The ad shown above features a fun interaction between friends, followed by a playful product demo, likely helping the ad connect with consumers and drive ad memorability above average.

This year, Tempur-Pedic had some above-average ads, helped by strong creative consistency and ample media support, driving the brand near the norm. However, their beauty-shot and product demo approach in its ads led to soft memorability among viewers for some ads.


Their “Rows and Rows” ad lacked the humor and story that “Family Getting New Mattresses” featured, paired with light media support and limited consistency with other ads, kept results below average and behind some of Casper’s other ads.

Overall this year, Casper scored below-average on Ad Memorability. While several of the ads featured playful stories to engage consumers, media support was spread thin between ads, limiting wear-in.

Sleeping Soundly

Overall, the playful approach brings success to mattress brand ads, but without ample media support, ad memorability performance can suffer.

Our analysis also covered Serta, Mattress Firm, Leesa, and Avocado Green. For additional advertising effectiveness insights within this evolving category, or to learn how we can help you optimize your messaging and creative, let’s talk!

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