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Fresh Insights, Delivered: Following Up on Meal Kit Brands

October 5, 2021

Earlier in the pandemic, almost everyone was working and learning from the couch or the kitchen table, and getting dinner together took a little more creativity. So at the time, we took a closer look at the advertising performance of popular meal kit delivery brands to see which were breaking through best to consumers.

Now, over a year later, it seems that although classes are back in person and businesses are opening back up, many of us still rely on the ease and convenience of meal kits to get dinner on the table. So, we’re checking back in with some meal kit delivery brands and their recent advertising performance using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect.

The ads in this category often have similar themes, which tend to present some challenges with differentiation. On an overall brand level, none of these brands are winning in terms of general recall. Freshly and Daily Harvest are both hovering around the norm, with Hello Fresh close behind. Neither Imperfect Foods nor SunBasket has supported their campaigns similar to the other brands, which likely hindered their ads’ performances. Hello Fresh has a clear edge on branding, likely due to their salient branding throughout their ads and a historically larger share of voice in the category.

On an ad level, the battle for the top was a tough one. “New Year – 14 Free Meals” from Hello Fresh has emerged as the winner overall due to the ad’s simplicity and strong brand communication. Freshly’s “Rotating Menu” came in close behind, with a simple message and focused, clear branding.

Daily Harvest’s “How Does It Work?” squeezed in right below Freshly, slightly boosted by their unique visuals that helped differentiate their brand a little. Despite extremely weak branding, Imperfect Foods managed to score the highest of the group in terms of Ad Memorability with their ad “Proud Child – 20% Off.” This high performance could be due in part to the somewhat unique premise of the ad, where the child is speaking directly to the audience and might be doing a better job at capturing attention.

For additional insights and information into the why’s behind the performance of these ads, drop us a line!



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