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HC Insights: Contrary to conventional wisdom, ‘likeability’ of pharmaceutical ads is on par with other marketplaces

July 28, 2015

For this month’s newsletter, we took our ad tracking data and compared millions of ad exposures to see how pharma compares to other industries.

Good news travels well – ad characteristics that most drive likeability in the pharma industry are ‘showing a medication that can help me,’ ‘comforting,’ and ‘clearly identifying the health topic.’  This underscores the need for messaging optimized for clarity, relevance, and an emotional hook.  Our qualitative research has echoed this sentiment many times over.  In contrast, ‘raises side effects that concern me’ is one of the negative drivers of ad likeability.

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The Phoenix Healthcare Team

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Phoenix Marketing International is a premier global marketing services firm providing its clients with tailored, unique insight into their customers and markets. Phoenix’s Healthcare division has offices across the US and Europe and conducts custom and syndicated research in a variety of health-related fields with focus on pharmaceuticals, insurance, and over-the-counter treatments. 

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