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Phoenix Hotel BASE™

In the challenging environment in which we live and work, reliable and timely information is a key to success; Hotel BASE™ permits lodging companies to quickly understand the dynamic that impacts the market.

Hotel BASE™ is a monthly program that tracks and evaluates brand awareness, penetration, and share of room nights for all major hotel brands in the United States.

Hotel BASE™ provides insight for a variety of areas and can be used to:

  • Measure awareness, penetration, and use of your brand and competitors’ brands
  • Guide direction and budgeting for advertising and direct marketing campaigns
  • Track the impact of competitor advertising and marketing programs on awareness, penetration, and share of room nights
  • Restructure and redesign marketing programs to allocate resources more effectively and maximize ROI

Compared to other information sources, Hotel BASE™ provides a more timely delivery, offers a larger sample of completed interviews, has a more competitive price, and is backed by superior service and industry insight.

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