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Insights from the Investments & Insurance Category: Q4 2019

October 9, 2020

For investment & insurance companies, the fourth quarter constitutes the most significant television advertising period of each year, and with a more cluttered landscape, the challenges with breaking through are even more pronounced than usual.

As brands in this category ramp up their media plans for the end of this year, we wanted to look back at how brands in this space fared in Q4 of 2019, based on our Phoenix Brand Effect in-market advertising measurement platform. This large-scale and always-on system takes next day measurement of an ad’s ability to be recalled, to be correctly attributed to the brand, and to deliver its intended message effectively.

The above graph represents the ad and brand performance metrics of 10 brands in the investments & insurance category during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Pacific Life’s and Charles Schwab’s television ads led the Investment & Insurance category on Brand Memorability during Q4 of 2019 because of their creatives’ excellent Brand Linkage. However, three of the best performers on Ad Memorability faced challenges with overall performance due to soft branding.

Prudential, Northwestern Mutual, and Brighthouse all delivered breakthrough creatives to the market during the fourth quarter, but viewers struggled to connect the ads to their brands. Earlier visibility into this issue could have driven evaluation of post-production approaches to integrate more noticeable branding cues.

A good example that demonstrates the importance of strong branding in advertising is the differing performance of two ads from Ameriprise Financial’s “Be Brilliant” campaign. While Ameriprise’s “Familiar Face” and “Choices” ads performed similarly on Ad Memorability, “Familiar Face” had clear brand cues throughout the ad, leading it to be more successful on Brand Linkage and yielding a better Brand Memorability score. Ameriprise ended up putting about 30% more weight behind its better-performing “Familiar Face” ad. If the Brand Linkage challenges for “Choices” was known, it could have driven a decision to lean even more heavily on their better branded creative.

Knowing how your brand stacks up on key performance metrics during this ever-important advertising season can give you a leg up on your competitors. Phoenix MI is committed to providing our clients with meaningful advertising performance data that can inform their creative development that can also deliver in-the-moment insights that sharpen their ability to optimize creative rotations while in-market.

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