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Jeff Stewart Analyzes the Rapidly Growing Chinese Sports Market at CLSA Investor’s Forum in Hong Kong

September 30, 2019

China’s sports market is raising its game. The entire ecosystem, including events, sponsorship, media, and merchandising rights has a projected value of $813 billion by 2025, with over 700 million sports fans. This value includes improved fitness, grassroots sports awareness initiatives, education, domestic and international league expansion, and foreign investment. So, what is fueling this tremendous growth, and what does it mean for the global economy and sports industry?

According to Jeff Stewart, Vice President of Sports & Hospitality at Phoenix MI, China’s exploding sports market is due in part to the impact of new and emerging technologies. In his presentation, The Transformation of Sports in China, which was presented at the CLSA Investor’s Forum in Hong Kong on September 12, Jeff dove into the components of the Chinese sports market and the drivers behind its rapid growth.

Between the flood of investments into the sector and the increasing role that technology is playing, including dozens of live-streaming platforms and new channels for brands to interact with consumers, the overall market size and growth are projected to increase sharply over the next five years.

All of this and more was discussed over the four-day conference in Hong Kong. The annual CLSA Investor’s Forum is one of the most comprehensive events of its kind in Asia, giving attendees access to senior executives from leading companies that are important to them.

Jeff has considerable experience in market research within the global sports forum and has spent three years measuring the Chinese sports market, which allows him to define and forecast trends in spend and ROI quickly and efficiently. In his role at Phoenix, he works with leading brands, properties, resorts & hospitality groups to measure fan engagement, media consumption habits, and tourism for sporting events.

To learn more about Jeff’s presentation or Phoenix MI’s capabilities in the Sports & Hospitality industry, please contact us.

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