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Join our Evaluation of 2020 Christmas TV Ads

What a difference a year makes!

Just 12 months ago we were eagerly awaiting the rollout of the 2019 Christmas blockbuster ads from all of the major advertisers. 2020 has been a year that few of us could have imagined. And with much of the country in Tier 2 or Tier 3 lockdown, this Christmas we are expecting a very different feel to the seasonal ads, as advertisers battle to hit the right balance of the joy and happiness (and spending!) of Christmas with the recognition that this could be a season like no other.

Let Phoenix help you navigate the Christmas Advertising season

Phoenix has your back and we will be evaluating the major ads across the market as soon as they land

  • Which ads hit the right tone of voice?
  • Which ads land compelling messaging?
  • Which ads are driving a desire to shop and buy?
  • Which ads have missed the mark, and why?
  • Who has delivered the Christmas ho ho ho?

So much more than a review of hits & misses

We will be using our AdPi® system to understand how each of the Christmas ads are performing. Subscribers will understand not just their performance but that of every ad tested, so tweaks and changes can be made. Our super-fast turnaround ensures that the results will be available within a few days of the main ads breaking. It will also help guide cut down spots and inform January sale films. Understanding the National mood and response to advertising will help you set the tone for Q1.

A small investment for a (Santa’s) sleigh full of insights

Gain full access to all of the insights across all ads tested with a diagnostic PowerPoint presentation deck; an additional investment will bring an action-focused, insightful 1 hour debrief of the results.

Contact us to get started with one of our experts today!

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