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Latest in the Spin Cycle: Recent Advertising Breakthrough of Home Appliance Brands

August 9, 2021

Average consumers have made balancing work, school, kids, and maintaining a “normal” life into an Olympic sport throughout the pandemic. However, as the new school year rapidly approaches and families brace for an uncertain future, practical and innovative home appliances have become invaluable in helping make life at home as smooth as possible.

Established home appliance brands such as Whirlpool and Maytag and newer entrants to the market like Samsung and LG recognize this need in consumers and developed products (and advertising) to help meet this demand. We used our in-market measurement solution Phoenix Brand Effect to analyze the recent advertising performance of these brands and identified some key findings in this evolving landscape.


When looking at ads for washers & dryers specifically, we see some broad performances across the board.

Maytag is the top performer of the lot with their ad “Seize the May – Dependability is Knocking.” Historically, Maytag has had above-average branding aided by their consistent brand spokesmen, “The Maytag Men,” who have appeared in their ads for the past several years. This ad’s performance is reflective of that strong branding, and the humorous premise is a contributing factor to their top Brand Memorability score.

LG had us all grooving and thinking laundry could *actually* be fun in their ad “Baby, I Got Your Laundry.” This clever ad uses humor, a catchy song, and relatable scenes of people doing laundry to boost breakthrough. Popular/memorable songs in general are proving to be an effective strategy for LG, demonstrated by their top-performing “Rock Every Occasion” ad. Their use of well-known rock band Queen’s song in the spot perfectly illustrates the “knock” feature of their KitchenSuite line of home appliances and, coupled with their consistent branding throughout, delivers outstanding breakthrough.

Despite their solution for a common issue among front-load washers (that funky smell), GE’s “Shut the Front Door on Front Loader Odor” ad performed well below the home appliance norm and made consumers want to “shut the front door” on their ad. The lack of brand cues and the overall bland premise of the ad yielded poor branding and a general lack of breakthrough.

As the pandemic continues to unfold, consumers’ needs and expectation for the brands they choose to do business with is changing, and brands to re-align their communications and engagement experience with what is now valued. Contact us for our latest consumer sentiment report for additional insights into how consumers’ purchase intentions are changing.


Phoenix Brand Effect is the gold standard for in-market performance and can provide real-world, real-time, in-flight ad measurement to help you establish a baseline for future campaigns. Looking to bridge the gap between pre-market creative development and in-market tracking? Our newly-developed AdPi-Brand Effect Platform offers clients a seamless solution to maximize ad performance using creative diagnostics (AdPi®) to generate forward-looking estimates to understand your creative’s full in-market performance potential (Brand Effect).

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