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Latest NFL Ad Insights: Top 10 NFL Ads from Weeks 1-5 (Oct 15)

October 15, 2020

As the NFL season progresses, we are seeing some new trends emerging in the Top 10 Performing TV Ads. While we continue to see ads from Subway and State Farm rank among the top ads, benefiting from their clever storylines and messages integrating NFL talent, we are also seeing some new ads (and brands) break into the Top 10.

For the first time this season, we’re seeing an ad put out by the NFL (landing in the top 3), which features players and coaches encouraging people to get out and vote in the upcoming election. Geico also has two new ads in the Top 10: “New House Haunted by Casper” and “People in a Horror Movie.” Both ads benefit from Halloween-themed stories that are simple, unique, and humorous, along with an added benefit of creative consistency with other Geico ads. Allstate and Domino’s make their debuts in the Top 10 with their “Burger Joint” and “Frisbee Pizza” ads, respectively.

Check out the full ranking below!

Moving Right Along

Similar to last week, we also have several well-established ads ranking among the top ads, but it’s impressive how the contextual ads and seasonal relevant copies drive ad memorability similar to ads that received considerable support before and outside of the NFL. Will we continue to see similar themes throughout the rest of the season?

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