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Latest NFL Ad Insights: Top 5 Performing Ads During Thanksgiving Day Football Games

November 29, 2021

Last week’s Thanksgiving Day NFL performances included the most-watched NFL regular season game in over 30 years; not surprising given all the eyes on the Las Vegas Raiders’ exciting overtime win against the Dallas Cowboys. The nailbiting showdown was also a big win for advertisers on that network, which saw record-breaking ratings for Thanksgiving day broadcasts.

We compiled the top five performing ads* to air on CBS, NBC, and Fox during the NFL Thanksgiving Day games using Phoenix Brand Effect

USAA continues to hold firm with its latest ad featuring Rob Gronkowski, “Jersey.” This humorous ad not only captured viewers’ attention with a clever back and forth between the USAA agent and Gronk but also showcased the brand message, a reminder that the insurance provider is only for military families, and came in with the top Brand Linkage score of 62% (45% norm.) Another brand that capitalized on using NFL talent in their contextual ad spot is State Farm with their “Gym – Personal Trainer” ad, featuring Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Walmart scored big with two ads in the top 5 for this year’s Thanksgiving lineup, both within their Black Friday “Deals for Days” campaign. In addition, both ads maintained strong Ad Memorability scores (67% and 56%, respectively) that landed well above the 49% norm for the category.

Carry Your NFL Ad Insights into the End Zone

Stay tuned for more throughout the NFL regular and post-season, leading all the way up to Super Bowl LVI; we can hardly wait! Looking to get a step ahead of the competition? The experts at Phoenix can help you track,  measure, and analyze all of your NFL advertising (including the Super Bowl!) Contact us to learn more. 



*Our in-market measurement rankers use data from Phoenix Brand Effect, measuring ad performance based on Brand Memorability (the percentage of viewers that remember both the ad’s content and the advertised brand.) Brand Memorability is calculated by taking into account an ad’s Ad Memorability (the percentage of an ad’s natural in-home viewers who are able to remember its content the next day) and Brank Linkage (of those viewers who remember an ad’s content, the percentage that also remember the advertised brand.)

For more information about how we track and measure an ad or brand’s performance in-market, contact us!

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