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Locked Down with our Furry Friends: How Recent Ads for Pet Supplies are Performing In-Market

July 28, 2021

If there were one silver lining to be found throughout the global pandemic, it would be the opportunity to spend more time at home with our fur babies. In 2020 alone, pet adoptions skyrocketed as more families opted to spend their time in quarantine with four-legged companions who won’t judge you for wearing the same pair of sweatpants eight days in a row.

Due to those unusual circumstances, pet food brands were met with a unique opportunity to capture a growing market through their linear TV advertising. Using our industry-leading in-market measurement platform Phoenix Brand Effect, we broke down the recent ad performance of a few pet food & care brands to see which came out on top.


Blue Buffalo emerged as the top dog in overall performance with their “Feed the Wolf” ad. With more pet parents focusing more on natural and healthier ingredients for their pets, Blue Buffalo tapped into this need with a simple ad that focused on nature and a dog’s natural instinct. This brand owns this “in the wild” premise, which also is a factor in their knockout branding.

Purina’s humorous “Bonkers for Beggin'” ad, which captures viewers’ attention with iconic brand cues and classic voiceover, is the runner-up in our layout. This style ad is also creative consistent with their other “Beggin'” ads, which helped give them a boost in Brand Linkage.

Greenies found a funny and unique concept with their “Stick” ad, which features a man and his dog stranded on a desert island and successfully integrated the brand into the storyline of the ad. Humor is always a safe bet when it comes to advertising, and their funny & clever premise paid off.

For additional insights and information into the why’s behind the performance of these ads or for brand-level insights on these ads, drop us a line!



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