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Meal Kit Advertising: Are Your Ads On Top or Getting Chopped?

September 22, 2020

In a time where kitchen tables are doubling as WFH spaces or school homework stations, more families are opting for the ease and convenience of meal kit delivery services.

Using our gold standard in-market measurement tool, Brand Effect, we have analyzed several ads and are serving up some results from three major brands in this category: Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and

Hello Fresh’s ads are breaking through to consumers, scoring above the category norm. The media support over the course of several months, in combination with the playful family interaction, helps consumers remember the ad.

Freshly’s “Woman Tasting Meal Prepared by Chef” ad launched mid-year and is already showing strength as the ad employs humor to deliver its message, performing well above the category norm.  On the contrary, Freshly’s “Man Heating Up Pre-Made Meals” ad was not memorable for consumers but did benefit from airing for over a year.

Blue Apron only supported new ads in 2020 and those ads aired for only about a month early in the year, resulting in low ad performance. The ad above received limited support but also faced challenges drawing viewers in with its voice-over narration and montage approach.

The Main Dish

As we have seen, there are several factors at play here when it comes to effective advertising and breaking through to consumers. As meal kit delivery services grow their reach, these brands will have to sweeten their sauce to stand out amongst this emerging market.

We can help! For additional advertising effectiveness insights within this quickly evolving category, or to learn how we can help you optimize your messaging and creative, let’s talk!

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