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Measuring Ad Awareness: The Phoenix Communicus Limited Recognition Cue Memory Trigger Method

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisement messages and brand messages every day, and they notice some but not others. As advertising researchers, our challenge is to figure out which ads consumers noticed and what they took away from the experience.

From past experience, we know that:

  • Not all advertising exposures result in the ad being noticed – of these thousands of exposures, most get tuned out before they ever even get tuned in.
  • Any ad that is noticed has the potential to make various advertising impressions. As we seek to quantify the impact an advertiser’s ads have had on the brand (‘brand lift’), our first challenge is to figure out which ads each person has seen.
  • The typical consumer doesn’t readily remember most of the ads they’ve seen, but there are a LOT of ad memories floating around in that consumer’s brain. Our challenge is to figure out which ads have registered (been noticed) in each specific person’s brain – ads to which they’ve been exposed and paid at least a minimal amount of attention.

To learn more, download the full whitepaper below.

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