Measuring the Cultural Importance of Alumni


Institutes of higher learning are charged with preparing students to lead successful, productive and rewarding lives. As such, the value of a university’s brand is directly connected to the impact that its alumni have achieved worldwide. This impact can be social, economic, political, artistic, or something else entirely. No matter the type of impact being measured, believing that alumni have had a noteworthy impact and defining that impact are different matters entirely.

While opinions and perceptions should always be based on reality, reality should never be based solely on opinions and perceptions. Alumni Impact research allows a University’s brand and value proposition to be rigorously defined and accurately positioned using solid metrics that are not susceptible to current events or random happenings.

Alumni Impact research provides a solid foundation that does not easily shift and upon which it is safe to build. Moreover, Impact research often uncovers brand strengths that were previously overlooked providing new and exciting directions and opportunities for the future.

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