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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: 2019 In Review

Welcoming in the new year (and decade!) invites us to look at the year now behind us, and review some of the top-performing Auto ads that launched at some point during 2019. This month, we’ll share three ads that were among the best at breaking through the clutter, and three additional ads that were among the best at lifting brand impression. Be sure to check-in regularly, as each month we will spotlight another area of interest in automotive marketing and communications.

breaking through the clutter

Using a real people theme and spokesperson that Chevy has consistently (and effectively) leveraged for years, which has delivered strong brand recognition, this ad brings JD Power into the mix to underscore quality and trust messaging.  There was no shortage of media attention given to this ad as well.

We are often asked if dogs increase ad effectiveness.  Not a simple answer to that, but they don’t hurt!  This ad for RR Evoque uses an engaging storyline, but also had a targeted media plan against specific networks where repeated exposures for regular viewers undoubtedly aided effectiveness. Creative and media working quite well together.

Infiniti smartly leveraged their NCAA basketball sponsorship by employing coach Roy Williams (and Rameses!) to support QX50.  Much of the detected airings were adjacent to NCAA basketball programming, which established relevance among their viewing audience and strengthening the brand association.


lifting brand impression

This attention-grabbing ad from Honda truly resonated with viewers, illustrating the human value of innovative safety features. It far surpassed the norm on ‘Lift to Brand Impression’, and scored among the highest of all measured car/SUV ads for the year across all relevant creative diagnostic metrics.

This humorous ad from GMC was a clever and entertaining application of the feature-benefit construct. It scored highest across almost all of our ‘take action’ attributes. Improving brand impression, relevant, and enticing viewers to take action. Who could ask for more?

Subaru, not a stranger to featuring dogs of all ages, brings us through the life of one particular pooch and his neighbor. Likable and inspiring, the approach reflects well on the brand, and conveys the notion of quality.

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