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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: August 2019

Summer Sales Event

The last full month of summer used to not only mean the new school year was around the corner, but also that it was “summer sell-down season” for automotive dealers in the United States — they had to make room for next year’s models arriving in the fall. Today, though it’s not as directly aligned with the OEM manufacturing calendar, virtually every brand has maintained the tradition of promoting a summer sales event in August. This tradition presents a considerable challenge for advertisers to overcome both the usual challenges of creating effective advertising, and that the advertising is differentiated from other auto brands promoting their own summer sales event. This month, we feature three nationally airing sales event campaigns that left a mark with television viewers.

Be sure to check-in regularly, as each month we will spotlight another area of interest in automotive marketing and communications.

Featured Campaigns:

  • Chevrolet: All-Star Open House
  • Jeep: Summer of Jeep
  • Lexus: Golden Opportunity Sales Event

Chevrolet: All-Star Open House

Using a real people theme that Chevy has consistently (and effectively) leveraged for years, which in part explains the strong Brand Linkage, the All-Star Open House “we switched” message resonated with television viewers and drove above-average levels of consideration.

Jeep: Summer of Jeep Event

Jeremy Renner’s talents are on display for the Summer of Jeep Event. These nationally airing ads (complemented by similarly themed, regionally airing, retail-focused ads) drove strong brand recognition, and had high entertainment value, in favor of a call to action.

Lexus: Golden Opportunity Sales Event

The consistent, annual Golden Opportunity Sales Event for Lexus experienced strong brand attribution, a regular advantage for Lexus sales event campaigns. Among high-income viewers, the campaign resonated well, striking a balance between portraying the brand in a positive light and driving consideration.

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