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Monthly Automotive Spotlight: October 2019

The NFL represents some of the most popular and highly viewed programming in all of television, culminating with the Super Bowl. It’s heavily saturated with advertising, and a hot-bed for Automotive, especially trucks. Despite being a widely-viewed and target-rich environment, it can present a challenge to Automotive advertisers, especially in the area of brand recall.

This month, we feature two ads that have been memorable and have done at least reasonably well in brand recognition in the NFL environment (which again, is a challenge for Auto). Creative diagnostic results, however, are mixed.

We’ve taken a closer look at NFL advertising, and we released some key insights and best practices. We also produce an annual report, Super Bowl 360, that helps our clients understand consumer insights from Super Bowl activity across television and social media. If you are interested in this report, please contact us.

Featured Ads:

  • GMC: Tailgate To End All Tailgates
  • Toyota Corolla: Car Wash

Be sure to check-in regularly, as each month we will spotlight another area of interest in automotive marketing and communications.

GMC: Tailgate To End All Tailgates

First detected January 6, 2019

Lots of full-size truck ads in football programming! GMC has done well in breaking through the 2019 NFL season clutter with a memorable ad that launched earlier in the calendar year. A singular premise delivered in a clever way. “Showing a new side of the brand” and a version of the ad with incentives could have contributed to the slightly above average Lift to Consideration.

Toyota Corolla: Car Wash

First detected April 15, 2019

Part of a broader Corolla campaign launched earlier in the year, this ad achieved above average Breakthrough through delivering a memorable storyline. Humorous for many, confusing for some, the ad did not reach the norm on lifting consideration, but did raise curiosity about that back seat!

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