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Most Liked Holiday Ads from 2019 – Expanded Holiday Coverage for 2020

October 19, 2020

While this year has been anything but predictable, we can expect increased competition with brands this holiday season. COVID-19 has impacted what’s most important to consumers when considering brands and, in turn, has created a need for brands to re-align their communications and engagement experience with what is now valued. So how will brands adjust their advertising and breakthrough in this even more cluttered environment?

Families will probably be gathered around their Zoom screens instead of the dinner table, gifts exchanged by mail instead of in-person, and opting for holiday shopping online instead of in-store.  And, with colder temperatures and eventual snowstorms, many will probably be staying home and watching more TV.

Phoenix Brand Effect has expanded its holiday programming coverage, allowing clients to see how their ads performed on these individual networks during holiday programming compared to other networks/non-holiday programming.

While we speculate about the Holiday ads we might see in 2020, let’s take a look back at the Top 10 Most Liked Holiday ads from 2019, based on Phoenix Brand Effect’s Likeability Linkage.



Unlike other Holiday ads, these all form an emotional connection with viewers—usually through sentiment, nostalgia, or humor. These ads also highlight traditional holiday themes and generally aim to entertain or relate to consumers, rather than drive a hard selling point.

These ads featured above are traditional top performers in the Holiday ad space, but with a new Holiday season in the midst of a global pandemic, brands need to rethink their advertising strategy and make sure they have the right measurement plan in place to thrive in this new market.

Phoenix Brand Effect is now offering extended coverage within many holiday programs, and can effectively measure your 2020 holiday advertising campaigns. Get started with one of our experts today!

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