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mXP Survey Shows Oprah’s Involvement With Weight Watchers Not Bulking Up Consumer Likelihood to Join

October 29, 2015

Post-investment, 70% of consumers remained unchanged in their likelihood of using the program proving that the ‘Oprah Effect’ may not always be that effective

Rhinebeck, NY –  Phoenix Marketing International, a global marketing services firm, has released insights from their mobile experience platform, mXP (, regarding consumer sentiment about Oprah’s new involvement with Weight Watchers.

mXP has the ability to garner thousands of consumer responses to survey questions via mobile channels, and rapidly analyze the data. This week’s mXP question asked, “Oprah has invested in weight watchers. If you’re not currently using the program, how does this announcement change your interest in joining Weight Watchers?” Here are several key insights based on the consumer responses:

  • When asked whether they were more or less likely to join Weight Watchers due to Oprah’s newly announced investment in the company, 70% of consumers were unaffected by Oprah’s announcement and it did not change whether they were more or less likely to join.  
  • Of the people that said Oprah’s involvement would positively change their interest in the program, more men (11%) than women (7%) said they were more likely to join Weight Watchers because of Oprah’s new collaboration with the company.
  • One notable finding was that more than twice the amount of Millennials (13% ) answered they were more likely to join Weight Watchers because of Oprah’s announcement than Gen Xers (6%).

“It seems that the ‘Oprah effect’ may not be effective when it comes to this powerful weight loss brand.  However, since there are less Millennials currently using the program than Gen Xers, our findings indicate there may be an opportunity for Weight Watchers to grow their customer base with that market,” said Jeronima Pilar, Vice President of Business Development, Phoenix Marketing International. “This survey further highlights the reach and immediacy that the mXP platform offers brands looking for consumer insights.”

mXP will be prominently featured at The Market Research Event ( on November 2nd through November 4th. For more information visit Phoenix Marketing International at booth #500.

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