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New Device Purchases Lead to New App Installs

August 4, 2020

Phoenix Marketing International recently surveyed 1,000 mobile phone users within the US to understand how they discover new apps to install and use. One of our findings revealed a key of app installs to be the activation of a new phone – with people installing 3 times as many apps in a quarter than those who’ve had their phone for a year or more.

In the early days of the app ecosystem consumers regularly stocked up devices with new apps. In the 12 plus years since the introduction of app stores, consumers have become much more selective – with 55% of our respondents saying they “never or rarely install new apps.” Only 16% of respondents said they install apps frequently. 

This means app marketers need to be smarter to get their apps seen and on user devices. One way to do that is to focus on targeting methods that reach those that activate new phones. The following charts goes in-depth into what we found about new device owners and app installs.

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