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Phoenix Brand Effect

Maximize Advertising Performance Through Real-Time, In-Market Measurement & Optimization

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Ad Campaign?

Only 1 out of 4 ads are remembered within 24 hours of viewing them. Brands are challenged to capture attention, and in today’s complex media landscape, copy testing alone isn’t enough to ensure success in-market. Optimize your ad campaign across TV, desktop and mobile platforms with Phoenix Brand Effect. With metrics spanning from ad memorability to lift, you get a complete picture of your advertising’s performance, to improve in real-time and maximize ROI.

How is Phoenix Brand Effect Different?

REAL-WORLD: Panelists are exposed to content in their natural viewing environment and surveyed the next day (24 hr recall) for a true understanding of ad resonance and impact

REAL-TIME & ALWAYS-ON: We survey thousands of panelists and test thousands of ads daily to provide a full view of campaign performance in-flight— no need to wait for post-campaign results

COMPLETE VIEW OF IN-MARKET PERFORMANCE: We measure all drivers of performance— creative, media placement, competitive activity and wear-in/wear-out— at the ad level

CROSS-PLATFORM: We employ the same panel and metrics, regardless of channel, for a comprehensive and comparable look at ad performance and exposure across platforms

COMPETITIVE INSIGHTS: Syndicated measurement with 10+ years of category and historical norms allows for robust competitive benchmarking and performance trending

Providing a 360 View of In-Market Creative Performance

By subscribing to both Phoenix Brand Effect and Adpi® solutions, clients get a one-stop holistic view of advertising and brand health. Phoenix MI is uniquely qualified to provide best-in-class insights for breakthrough, creative efficiency, and impact in relation to key competitors.

New Measurement Capabilities

Phoenix Brand Effect now has the ability to measure and track ad performance across all digital platforms, including streaming content via OTT devices such as Roku®, Amazon Fire™, Smart TV’s and more.

Learn more here about our powerful solutions here.

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