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Phoenix Gains and Shares Insights at Mavericks of Media Conference

August 8, 2019

How do we reach this viewer who watches wherever and whenever and on whichever device he/she chooses? What type of programming will attract and retain an audience? How do we accurately measure this fractured audience? These questions and more were answered at the Mavericks of Media conference in New York City on July 10-11, 2019. Representing Phoenix MI at this exciting event was Edye Twer, President of Converged Technology & Media, and Michele Orlick, SVP of Networks & Media.

This two-day content-heavy conference was designed to keep us thinking about not only how the media landscape and the media consumer have both changed, but also what do we as researchers, corporate or vendor, have to be prepared for next. The small class sizes and intimate group discussions enabled a much more interactive conference than most, and offered time for attendees to network and fully process what was being said.

The conference started out on a broad note, focusing on how people watch programming and how we are currently measuring these viewing occasions. People still love their televisions, but their tablets and phones are always available. In addition, with services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime where programs “drop” complete seasons at once, the notion of watching something “live as it airs” is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

So how do researchers gain insights into these viewers who watch whenever and wherever? A fair amount of time was spent on looking at data from both the traditional broadcast measurement world and the ever-changing world of online measurement. Deduping challenges and striving to understand the total reach and difference between behaviors that should be attributed to ads vs program content were a large part of the measurement discussion. Additionally, companies such as Jumpshot were discussed- what can we learn about viewers (and possible viewership trends) by marrying traditional viewership databases with other data sources?

Day two was all about content and trying to discern what makes good content in a time when there are so many choices for viewers and so little time to make an impact. Topics ranged from understanding what makes Gen Z tick, to understanding how the cable operators are now approaching bundles, to what makes content stand out for viewers. We also explored how to measure this interest and how companies like Hulu strive to understand their viewers and behaviors so they can make strong media spends.

From the perspective of Phoenix as a market research provider, this conference was especially engaging as we were able to contribute powerful insights and ideas to the discussions, especially from the standpoint of understanding content and winning audiences. Overall, this conference proved a worthwhile and exciting opportunity, allowing us to network and confer with many experts and users in the industry. For a conference of this size, a phrase comes to mind and rings especially true: great things come in small packages.

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