Phoenix in the News: Carat Media & Figaro Digital Mention Short Form Ads

Leading global media agency Carat Media and prominent digital publication Figaro Digital reference Phoenix MI when discussing short-form advertising.

From Carat Media:

Our Quick Thoughts on… Short Form Ads

Maddy Sim

I don’t doubt the findings of from Phoenix MI. Years of ever-decreasing recommended lengths on digital video ads suggests it was only a matter of time before similar findings were made with TV ads.

Instead I’ll highlight one of their other findings – short-form ads “tend to work best when running alongside longer form ads or as supporting wider marketing campaigns”. To me that’s the most important sentence in there. Too often in digital we mistake the fact that some short-form content works for the idea that long-form content doesn’t work. There aren’t many brand propositions you could comprehensively cover in 5-7 seconds – but yes, you might be able to effectively remind someone in a short follow-up.

Too often in a meeting someone pipes up that the average human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish. That’s a myth – or, at the very least, a misinterpretation.

And hey, if it’s true you’ve probably not read this far anyway.

Ian Martin

As with everything, if the objective of a campaign calls for a short form TV ad go for it, but don’t expect longer ads to become extinct or even secondary. Try telling this story or owning a time of year in 5 seconds.

Moira Garden

We see the argument all the time: people are time poor and require snappiness. Yes, okay, we get it. But how short are ads going to get? Is it really getting to the stage where we switch off and are unable to engage with a 30 second ad? If so, that’s quite a worry.

Whilst I appreciate the stats provided by Phoenix MI and understand the findings in relation to ad and brand memorability, advertisers would need to include short-form content as part of a wider marketing strategy.

I’m a big fan of a ‘teaser’ ad, but 5 seconds? I’d probably blink and miss half of it. For me, it would need to be layered. Whether that’s twice within an ad break, multiple times within a programme or across day-parts, a story needs to be told. This is vital for the consumer to grasp the concept and retain memorability of the brand.

From Figaro Digital’s monthly newsletter:

Short Ads Tipped for a Strong 2019

Marketers are taking a leaf out of TV’s book by adopting short-form advertisements, with online advertising seeking to hit that sweet five to seven second ad length.

study conducted by Phoenix MI analysed 100 short form TV ads, seeking to compare their effectiveness with long form ads. The study found that short form and long form ads had the same or similar levels of effectiveness and memorability.

Shorter ads, then, are on an upward swing, so incorporating them into your marketing campaigns is a smart move.

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