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Phoenix Marketing International’s Brand Effect Expands to Include OTT

October 3, 2019

This information was also featured in Insights Association

Additional coverage allows for ad campaign measurement and optimization across desktop, mobile and streaming platforms

NEW YORK, October 3, 2019 – Global Advertising and Brand Specialist Phoenix Marketing International (Phoenix MI) today announced that its in-market ad effectiveness solution, Brand Effect, is expanding to incorporate ad performance measurement tracking in all OTT (over the top) streaming content across all distribution platforms, including Smart TVs and other OTT devices.

“As clients shift more media dollars to non-linear TV content and OTT distribution channels, Phoenix is at the forefront of that transition, knowing the boundaries between TV and digital continue to blur,” said Paul Kultgen, EVP Marketing Performance at Phoenix MI. “Wherever ads are trafficked within the content ecosystem, we are now able to capture their effectiveness.”

Phoenix’s OTT measurement capabilities include in-flight Ad Memorability and Brand Communication, as well as Brand Lift across the Purchase funnel. Our single-source panel enables comparable ad measurement across TV, digital & streaming OTT platforms, allowing clients to understand the impact of cross-media ad exposure on total campaign performance.

“As a part of our commitment to innovation, we are continuously seeking to expand our Communications solutions,” said Allen R. DeCotiis, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix MI. “This technology evolution demonstrates, that by being device agnostic, Phoenix is at the forefront of advertising effectiveness measurement.”

About Phoenix Marketing International:

Founded in 1999, Phoenix Marketing International has over 400 employees across seven offices in the US, as well as offices in Hamburg, Shanghai, Mexico City, and London. Phoenix MI is considered one of the Top Research Firms in the US (American Marketing Association Gold Report) and is one of the fastest-growing Market Research firms in the world. With the addition of Phoenix Brand Effect, they are now one of the largest ad and brand performance measurement firms in the U.S. Phoenix MI works in all major industries, helping its clients build and measure brands and communications, create and refine the products and services that they deliver, and optimize their customers’ experience.

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