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Phoenix Wraps Up Another Quirk’s in New York

As a founding member and silver sponsor, Phoenix Marketing International was excited to return to Brooklyn to engage with clients and explore the latest trends in the market research and consumer insight industries at the annual New York Quirk’s Event.

We were excited to take part in that exploration with a presentation by our very own Jim Berridge, who took a deeper look into short form advertising and the effect these ads are having on today’s media landscape. Using data from the Phoenix Brand Effect and AdPi Quickview platforms, we were able to examine how 5-7 second ads have been almost as successful and 15 and 30-second ads, especially when used together in a campaign. However, Berridge advised listeners that while short-form ads can be an effective tool to help drive performance, it is still too soon to tell whether or not they can drive measurable sales impact.

Phoenix was honored to partner with Comcast to examine how the rapidly changing world is affecting the way research surveys are taken and the impact those changes can have on the information collected. Phoenix’s President of Technology, John Schiela, with Comcast Senior Director Scarlet Wynns and Director Peter Manickas, demonstrated the importance of understanding inherent sample source bias, the art of analyst cleaning and the importance of consistency in question format and implicit vs explicit questioning. They presented findings form our latest Research on Research Study that showed why a best practices require a combination of automated and human checking for bad respondent elimination. Detailed form factor results included how buttons vs sliders can result in vastly different outcomes, especially when examining NPS scores.

We also had the opportunity to check out some of the other thought leaders presenting their insights to the guests. Lauren Palmer, Team Leader of Advertising Research for IBM, walked us through IBM’s process to implement a modern, agile, insights strategy to turn around faster results. Their strategy to enable their organization to implement small changes in order to receive real-time insights was very informative and could prove to be very useful in making strategic decisions.

The Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn once again proved itself as a great opportunity to connect with clients and colleagues and to provide key learnings on the latest in the data and research industry. We look forward to attending the first ever Quirk’s Event in Chicago next month and continuing the conversation on best practices within the research industry.

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