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QSR, Fast Casual & Casual Dining Advertising Dashboard: Performance of Breaking Ads – March 2022

March 24, 2022

Leveraging the insights from one of Phoenix’s 20+ category-specific advertising dashboards, we’ve rounded up the performance of recent breaking ads within the QSR, Fast Casual & Casual Dining category:

QSR & Fast Casual Highlights

  • This month, Wendy’s dominated the QSR & Fast Casual category with their March Madness contextual ad spots series. All three ads featured former professional basketball player Reggie Miller, which perfectly tied in with the March Madness theme and aided performance.
  • Dunkin’ also had a strong performance this month with “Salty Sweet Sips,” which had the best scores of the group for Brand Recognition.

Casual Dining Highlights

  • Olive Garden tops this month’s ranking with their ad “We Mean Never Ending” for an AdPi score of 153 and top performances in Brand Connection, Relevance, and Engagement.
  • The two Applebee’s ads tie for second with an AdPi score of 143, receiving high points for displaying their boneless wings promotion. They also scored the highest of the lineup in terms of Brand Recognition.


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